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New Research Shows How to Reclaim 30% of Your Life and Empower Hybrid Teams

Businesses are suffering death by 1,000 PowerPoints right now. And we’re questioning virtual versus physical meeting collaboration in a hybrid work world. Many teams are still locked into the “old way” of thinking, that the best form of collaboration to achieve fast and bold, transformational outcomes is an in-person meeting. It’s not! This state you surely already know and experience yourself.

At the height of the pandemic, the Ferrazzi Greenlight research institute went to work drilling down on what blocks most remote teams from achieving organizational targets at speed with more than 2,000 executives. Our research uncovered several vital areas holding teams back. It also revealed how to radically improve our new work normal.

Get your deep work time back. 

Empower your team. 

Drive companywide innovation at speed.

Eric Starkloff The tangible change has been the ability to escalate and make critical business decisions faster, and ones that stick, because the process is collaborative and therefore the buy-in is higher. In the past, we thought collaborative decision-making and fast decision-making were at tension … There’s no way we would have been able to react with the sort of speed and get the sort of buy-in we see today. It was a breakthrough and realization that there are ways to run a remote forum that are motivating, create energy, and accomplishment.

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Stop Pretending Your Team is Productive and Executing Because You're Having Meetings

Meetings have become our $283 billion habit of wasted time a year.

We have a data-driven solution that proves that much of the academic research on virtual team collaboration is wrongheaded, biased and focused on failed use cases. And these are the radically transformative results we see from the practices shared in this whitepaper:

           > Reduce meetings by 30%
           > Achieve a 75% increase in development
           > Boost collaboration by 46%
           > Profit from a 44% growth                                           
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